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Merry Swedish Christmas!

Today it’s Christmas Eve and the main day for Christmas celebrations in Sweden. Kids all over the country, big and small, will be anticipating the arrival of Tomten, Father Christmas, while parents prepare pickled herring, roast ham and home seasoned snaps ready for the Christmas table, Julbord, a festive smörgåsbord. All this whilst coming up with rhymes (to go with each present, as a hint at what’s inside) and scheduling everything around an old Disney cartoon, of course. (See below.)

I’m in the UK for my first English Christmas and am looking forward to lots of new traditions with my girlfriend’s family. I will certainly miss my Swedish family lots on this special day but I’ll see them in the new year.

Yesterday BBC Radio Sheffield invited me as a guest on Paulette’s show and if you want to hear me talk about Swedish Christmas – as well as sing Swedish drinking songs (I’m so sorry!) press here and listen an hour into the programme.

Now from me to you… Ha en riktigt God Jul!

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