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My Makeover

Recently I was put in charge of DIVA Makeover.

DIVA Magazine, Europe’s biggest magazine for lesbian and bisexual women, are launching a series of reader makeovers with the first one appearing in the February issue, in stores later this month. The idea is that readers can get a free new look and this can be to help boost confidence, to help find a new side to themselves, to find new inspiration, get expert styling advice or simply to have a bit of fun.

This week I thought I’d give the whole experience a go myself (it’s only fair, right?) and so I headed to Creator Hair Salon in Sheffield where I placed my trust in expert hair stylist Ula Bors. I told her she could do whatever she wanted with my hair – and this what happened.

20140120_134901 20140120_134944 20140120_151221 20140120_151225 20140120_151423 20140120_161606 20140120_163453 20140120_164928 20140120_164929 20140120_165855 20140120_170605 20140120_172726 20140120_174103 20140120_185502 20140120_185507 20140120_185516

If you want a free makeover for DIVA simply get in touch via, attaching a picture of yourself as well as some info about you and why you want a makeover.

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