I have a tendency to get obsessed with music. While I dissect new tunes every week certain tracks, artists and albums tend to make me fall madly in love and as a result they run on repeat in my earphones for hours on end. Instead of completely disappearing into blissful lala-land, humming non stop as I play these tracks over and over again, it only makes sense that I share these songs with you (right?). Maybe you’ll be as taken as I am…

My Hype this week is Swedish electro-r’n’b songstress Marlene. I know I have talked about Marlene a lot in the past but my god, this gal is good. Bon Voyage had me swooning last summer and new single Stay Awake is no different. It’s about time that people start talking about this mega pop senstation to be and it’s no wonder that Swedish National Radio *finally* added Stay Awake to their playlist this week. This shit good.


Times on repeat so far today: 12 18

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Soundcloud Marlene:

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