A collaboration between Angel Haze and Sia? It could hardly get better if you ask me. 

I’ve been in love with “Battle Cry” ever since hearing Angel Haze’s Dirty Gold for the very first time. The song takes us through Haze’s troubled life, filled with abuse and pain from day one, and it goes on to teach us the lesson that we are better and stronger and that things will be ok.

Although most of us hopefully won’t have experienced the gruesome things that she has, the hurt in the lyrics and the power in these voices is something that everyone, whoever they are, can relate to and gain strength from. It is a brave thing, publishing something so honest and raw and by doing so, Haze proves once again what a big artist she is.

In this seemingly biographical video Haze is seen walking down a road, watching her life go by and commenting on how growing up in a cult, being abused as a child and self harming made her who she is today.

“My video. My life. Hope it shines a light,” Haze said as she uploaded the video to Facebook on Valentine’s Day. It certainly does.

Warning: this video contains images that could upset.

If you are affected by any of the themes of this video, help and support is available internationally: /


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