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Review: Tune Hotels

My view from Tune Hotels Kings Cross, London

I love staying at hotels. Who doesn’t?

The only downside to snoozing on plush pillows in foreign cities is the price that most travel accommodation comes at; the fact that I travel doesn’t mean that I am made of money. Let’s face it, when you’re only using the room for sleeping, showering and storing bags it can feel rather ridiculous having to fork out for gyms, pools and designer toiletries. As much I love a good hotel stay, I don’t love paying for stuff I don’t need.

Last week I was in London on a flying visit and, thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I tried a hotel concept completely new to me; Tune Hotels. There are a few of them scattered around the capital but seeing as I had an early train to catch, I picked the super central Kings Cross branch.

The idea behind Tune Hotels is that you pay for what you use. Someone referred to them as the Ryanair of hotels and although I don’t agree with this comparison (my room was far nicer than any Ryanair cabin I’ve ever sat in and at no point did someone shout at me for bringing two bags), the concept is similar. If you want priority boarding, or in this case the use of a TV in your room, you pay extra for this service.

I arrived on the Monday night and was quickly served despite a large group of customers wanting to check in at the same time. My top floor room came with a king size bed, lots of mirrors and a stunning view. From the window I could see most of London, including the majestic building that is Kings Cross Station.


Whilst my friend, who had come along because she too was curious of the concept, cracked open the bubbly and the crisps we’d bought in the corner shop next door, I discovered that all the extras I had asked for (towels, shampoo and WiFi) had been prepared for me. Sweet!



We got ready for an evening in town and the only thing missing was music; I had forgotten to ask for TV activation. I could have headed to the lobby to request a code but decided to make use of the WiFi instead.


The next day I woke up to blue skies over London. I tried the shower and discovered that the very basic looking  two-in-one shampoo/conditioner worked just fine, before handing back my key card and continuing my journey.

As I sat on the train, thinking back at my new experince, I concluded that the room had been clean, it was safe and I slept extremely well. The service at reception was fast and friendly and the whole thing couldn’t have been more straight forward. I realised that I had unlocked another secret to smart travelling.

I give Tune Hotels 4 stars out of 5.

Enjoying the view

Whether you’re in town for a business meeting or you’re going to the Rosweglyn Meet Up in April; if you want a great value good night’s sleep with no fuss then I’d recommend Tune Hotels any day.

To book your Tune Hotel go to – they exist worldwide!


The reason for my London trip? I enjoyed a lovely meet-up with some of Britain’s most prominent editors in LGBT media. We went on a delightful trip to Chicago together last year (see the latest issue of DIVA for my review of this dreamy city) and so we reunited and gossiped over a wonderful meal at Mews Of Mayfair, another London establishment that I’d happily recommend.


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