These women have me in complete trance. It is a rare thing but I am actually struggling to express in words my admiration for the tune that I am about to present to you.

I don’t know about you but I live for music and I can’t work, let alone live without it and as of last week Swedish hip hop artist Linda Pira is completely dominating my playlists. There is just nothing that compares to this.

Yes, I’m Swedish and so I may be biased but “Knäpper mina fingrar” completely floored me when I first heard it and when I discovered the all female remix featuring not one but eight other female MCs? My jaw dropped.

Sweden is well known for exporting great pop, dance and heavy metal music but there’s something else brewing, bubbling and bursting out of the seams. Swedish rap and r’n’b is seriously on the rise; frankly, it has never been this good.

Who have we got to thank for this? Just take this track for a spin and then you tell me.


This “Knäpper mina fingrar” remix features some of Sweden’s biggest names in hip hop – and they just so happen to be women.

Kumba, Rosh, Cleo (don’t miss Cleo’s Vem E Han, a tune that gives me goose bumps, it’s that good), Sep, Vanessa Falk, Rawda, Julia Spada och Joy make me very, very happy when they prove once and for all that women are oh so done with taking the semi-naked back seat in music.

Is the UK ready for this? It better be.

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