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Rosweglyn in da house!


Tomorrow is the biggest day in the history of lesbian vlogging but the Rosweglyn stars are in town already! I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with the girls and here’s what we’ve been up to ahead of tomorrow’s meet-up.

Today I met up with YouTube sensations Kaelyn+Lucy, Wegan and Rose+Rosie. And yes, they’re all as glamorous and hilarious IRL as they are online. Apart from Kaelyn who spent the day in a security guard get-up. Don’t ask.

We all headed to DIVA HQ for a photo shoot where we danced to One Direction, answered question and took ALL the pictures. I of course got lots of juicy backstage material too… All I’m saying is WATCH THIS SPACE.

Tonight we’re getting pizza and adding final touches to tomorrow’s show. I am only slightly very nervous but I can’t wait to see you all!

Oh and we tried to recreate Ellen’s epic Oscars selfie… Can we beat the number of retweets that she got? Check the progress (and retweet!) here:

See you lucky ticket holders tomorrow!

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