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Do you want a fresh, new summer look?

My team and I can help you – for free. Apply for DIVA Makeover!

joy make-over

Let’s be clear; DIVA Makeover is not about changing anything that’s “wrong” with you, in fact we’re not changing anything about you. We’re giving you the opportunity to get an alternative look; be it for a special occasion or because you’re tired of looking at the same old wardrobe. We pamper and look after you for the day and you leave with a great new haircut, personalised skin and makeup advice and some fresh ideas for styling. If you want it, that is.

Some people want huge transformations, others want a subtle update. Whatever you’re after we can make happen with my brilliant team of stylists. You also get an interview, a photo shoot and a video of your transformation in the digital magazine.

So if the answer to my initial questions is yes then fill out this form, send it off and make sure you check your emails because your makeover could be already this weekend.

I look forward to hearing form you!

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