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Heather Peace Album Launch

Last night I went to the launch party for Heather Peace’s new album The Thin Line. I cried, I laughed and had a really good time…


Everyone was there. Effi, The Rubbish Lesbian, Team DIVA, The Lip Service girls… All the celesbians were in high spirits as Heather gave a us a taste of what’s to come.

In the cellar of a jazz club in Dalston, London, Heather performed six songs from her new album the Thin Line and I was struck by what a great live performer she is. She’s got such an amazing voice and the little anecdotes between the songs pulled on everyone’s heartstrings.

One tune, she said, was about being there for a heartbroken friend, another about an old failed relationship, but it was the song about her longterm love, the song she wrote for her wife Ellie, that really hit home for me.

In “I Pick Flowers” Heather sings about watching her loved one sleep, wondering what she’s been thinking while Heather has been busy chasing stars. Don’t forget each other, was the message I took from it and I had to swallow hard to try and not to get too emotional.

Once the gig was over, the party could begin. I didn’t stay long but I did at one point find myself showing Anna Skellern (a.k.a. Lip Service Sexy Lexy) the benefits of my Fjällräven Kånken rucksack, including the little forest seat that protects you from a wet bum when out foraging in the Swedish woods. I sensed that she was less impressed when I told her about the positive effects of classic Swedish snaps on the digestive system; I obviously only meant that it helps the food go down but she somehow seemed somewhat underwhelmed. At least she’s prepared should she ever have to face Bäska Droppar.

All in all, a very good start to what is going to be a really great, and really lesbian, weekend. #LuclynSurprise #OITNB #ICantTellYou

Make sure you catch The Thin Line, out on Sunday. I know I will.

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