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Talie Eigeland: New Pictures from #Rosweglyn


Me, being very excited at the start of the Rosweglyn meet-up.

The fantastic Talie Eigeland has uploaded her pictures from the Rosweglyn meet-up in April – and they’re just brilliant! Take a look at her website to see these and all the other amazing stuff that this super talented photographer gets up to (Katy Perry pictures people, Katy Perry!).

Talie, who worked with me on the majority of our DIVA Makeover sessions as well as the most recent DIVA Magazine cover, has just moved to London. This means I miss her an awful lot in Sheffield, but also that she is available for lots of London based work (as am I, I’m only two hours from Kings Cross)!

Looking for a fantastic up and coming photographer in London? Look no further – it’s all about Talie Eigeland (and I can say this because I’ve worked with her time and time again).

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