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The Only Way Is Essex With The Family-In-Law

I went to visit my girlfriend’s family in sunny Essex for a few days and what a wonderful time I had. Here are a few snapshots.

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Having taken the good ol’ Megabus down from Sheffield, Cyd and I spent the weekend in the Essex countryside. Here we made the most out of my mother-in-law’s beautiful veg patch before going on a family trip through the countryside, dodging cyclists on the snakiest lanes I’ve ever seen, and last night everyone beat my ass in a card game I had never played before. (Kalooki, anyone?)

I sadly had to miss out on a trip to TOWIE central Brentwood due to work but I did get to spend a Sunday window shopping on Brick Lane in London and Cyd and I even splashed out on a £5 Celine Dion t-shirt, a certain fashion must this season. We saw cows, ducks and the family dogs – which is always an added bonus for an animal lover like me.

All in all, an Essextremely good few days!

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