Beatrice Eli released the video for Moment Of Clarity
– and I’m obviously hooked.

My fascination with Swedish pop music, and the many multitalented female musicians that just keep on emerging from Sweden, will come as no surprise to those of you who read my Twitter feed. I am obsessed with artists like Silvana Imam, Min Stora Sorg, Marlene and Ji Nilsson and, as you might know from previous blog posts, Beatrice Eli.

Beatrice very recently released a new single, called Moment Of Clarity and it is safe to say that the tune has been on repeat on my Spotify ever since it dropped. Moment of Clarity is an upbeat pop song with a sexy drive and undertones of that desperation you feel when you really, really fall for someone and you can’t do anything but think of them. It is the ultimate soundtrack to head-over-heel love and something tells me that a certain girlfriend inspired the track.

The video, which I had the great pleasure of viewing already last week, sees Beatrice merging punky Drunk in Love-like beach scenes (minus Jay Z, cigars and references to domestic violence, thankfully) with dark Let The Right One In-like shots and that elusive real-ness that so many pop stars completely miss out on. Director Mats Udd has done a mighty fine job and I can’t wait to hear Beatrice’s full album, coming later this year.

If you, like me, love Beatrice Eli then check out this interview that she did (in Swedish, sorry) for Skaparna and get following her on Twitter/Insta/Facebook for all the latest news.



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