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New video: The Silent Disco Challenge

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New video alert: The Silent Disco Challenge featuring Shoshana and Meredith!

A little while ago my girlfriend Cyd and I met up with fellow YouTubers and online friends Shoshana and Meredith as they came to Manchester for the weekend and we had CRAZY amounts of fun. In fact, I laughed so much that my cheeks hurt on the train back to Sheffield.

Why, you wonder? Well firstly because Shosh and Mer are two fantastic people with a very positive vibe but secondly because we filmed two video challenges – and I am proud to say that we have finally finished editing them.

The video on our challenge is the Silent Disco Challenge where we try to guess what the other person is listening to. Cyd was on the floor crying with laughter when she first watched it so I hope you’ll find it funny too.


The second video is on Shoshana and Meredith’s channel and it features us all revealing secrets about ourselves and guessing who they belong to. Also very funny – and insightful!


I hope you enjoy… Let us know if you attempt these challenges and how you get on!


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