Ji Nilsson has released a video for her incredible song Encore and I’m in love…

Ji Nilsson made one of my absolute favourite songs of 2014, in fact if you were to check my Spotify stats I am sure you would see this song was played more than any other – and I’m still not one bit tired of hearing it. Today, this song has a video!

Gorgeous pop song Encore is a more upbeat continuation of Nilsson’s haunting Heartbreakfree, another firm fave of mine, and is all about the beauty of crying on the dancefloor. A rather bittersweet, and perfect, match for Valentine’s Day in other words.

The video, which premiered mere minutes ago, of course doesn’t disappoint and establishes Ji Nilsson as the coolest girl in Sweden right now. I LOVE that power suit.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 13.00.39 (2)

If 2014 was Silvana Imam and Beatrice Eli’s year, I think 2015 belongs to Ji Nilsson and Marlene. This girl group of friends, which also features super-talented Julia Spada and Hanna Stenman is basically Spice Girls x 10 000. Yes, that good.

Speaking of Julia Spada, Ji Nilsson released a cover of her song Lägg dig ner the other day and it’s so great I almost cried. Have a listen here.

 Image: YouTube screenshot


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