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I’ve always wanted to be a reporter backstage at the Eurovision Song Contest and Cyd has always wanted to party like a pop star – could this be the year that both our dreams come true?

Eurovision Season has arrived and with the competition turning 60 this year, things are crazier than ever. Not only is the BBC hosting a big Greatest Hits concert in London in March but Australia, yes Austalia – the country down under, has been invited to take part!

On top of this Sweden kicked off Melodifestivalen, the televised competition picking the Swedish entry over the course of six weeks, last weekend and it is all in all a very exciting time for Euro fans like Cyd and I.

With all this stuff going on BBC Radio Sheffield asked me to come on Rony’s show earlier this week to discuss a) what the heck is going on and b) how I feel about it all. It was a lovely little interview and you can now listen to it on BBC iPlayer (link here – I’m on twenty minutes into the programme).

I also had a chat with Rony and his team off-air where I told them about my dreams of reporting from the Eurovision Song Contest one day and they were, somewhat surprisingly, really positive about it. Rony saying I’d “tick a lot of boxes” for the BBC and that I should keep poking them about it. (Hey, sometimes being a bisexual woman in a male dominated world has its perks!)

I don’t know if it could ever happen but… BBC Eurovision bosses, I hope you’re listening because Operation #SendCydAndBellaToVienna is go. We want to do this! Now email me, please?

Stay tuned for more on this topic…

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