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Video: A Kiss From Your Lips

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It’s Valentine’s Day and I want to share a little treat with you. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a very talented up and coming director and film maker; Allison Tate. Her new short film “A Kiss From Your Lips” is about all those LGBT Valentine stories that are waiting to be told and it premieres today! I’ve got the film and the interview below – a perfect start to a romantic day, I think. Enjoy!

A Kiss From Your Lips from Allison Tate on Vimeo.

Created by L.A. couple Allison Tate and Jennifer Vogel, short film “A Kiss From Your Lips” is set on a vintage style dancefloor and sees a lady in red plucking up the courage to dance with a girl instead of a boy. It’s a lovely little film with a super catchy soundtrack and it helps us question our history – what was it like being LGBT in the fifties? Have things changed today?

Here’s what Allison had to say about it:

What was your reason for making this film and what inspired you to use this setting?

“I heard this song by The Flamingos and envisioned a dance scene. I wanted to create the whole thing in one shot – not the easiest thing to do. As it was coming together Jennifer and I wrote the full love story, this is the final scene of the longer story we wrote.”

You wrote it with your girlfriend, what was it like working together on this?

“We are, in our hearts, swing dancers (not that you can tell that from our actual moves) – it’s one of the things that brought us together. When we’re out dancing people assume we’re only dancing with each other because we’re waiting for gentlemen to ask us to dance. Not the case, in fact, we’re a couple!”

“We couldn’t help but imagine how different things were decades ago, when the simply dancing together, not to mention loving each other, was something that was much more dangerous.”

“This is a Valentine for people whose stories haven’t yet been told. There are LGBT love stories just waiting to be shared! We would love to encourage people to share their stories and history on this Valentines day!”

That’s lovely and I hope people do! What can we expect to see from Allison Films in the future?

“AllisonFilms is currently producing a short documentary about food deserts in Los Angeles, featuring queer characters fighting the system. That is set to release in May.”

Allison is a director graduating from USC’s Cinema School this May. Jennifer runs and writes whenever she has a spare moment. You can find them @allisonfilms and @jentlebelle on Instagram and Twitter.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, I hope you have a lovely time regardless of whether you’re spending it together with people or on your own. I’m spending the rest of the weekend at the LGBT History Festival in Manchester learning more about the people who paved the way for our rights today – they deserve a whole lotta love.

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