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Do we need a “gay” scene? What about LGBT specific services and spaces? Is a lack of LGBT specific establishments a sign of an inclusive community? What even is a “gay scene”? These and many more questions will be discussed tomorrow as E.D.E.N Film Productions invites to a filmed debate about LGBT spaces in Sheffield.

The debate, which will be hosted by Becki McKenchie and myself, will be filmed by participants of the E.D.E.N Action! project (more about this below). Its aim is to highlight and question services available in the city, to bring the LGBT community in Sheffield together and to educate members of the public about LGBT+ life.

The event will feature a panel with leading LGBT voices from Sheffield, including LGBT Sheffield and Pride, and we hope that the film created will be applicable to many other cities. It will be one of four produced by the group and will premiere later this spring.

I hope to see you there (it is free of charge after all!) but if you can’t take part then do feel free to get involved online via #EdenDebate.

Find out more about the event, held Tat he Circle in Sheffield on 5 March 6.30pm – 8.30pm here.


More about the E.D.E.N Action! project

E.D.E.N Film Productions is currently running the Action! project for unemployed LGBT people in and around Sheffield, empowering participants with the skills of storytelling and film making whilst educating members of the public about LGBT diversity through the films that the participants produce. As part of this, the group members have chosen to create three short films, one of which will document an event and live debate discussing the need for a “gay scene.

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