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Mini March Travel Diary

What a month it’s been.

Here’s a mini diary from spring so far.



Two weeks ago I was sitting in Stockholm overlooking one of the capital’s many waterways. The sun had started setting and a faint orange glow was spreading over the rooftops surrounding my mum’s flat. I spent ten days here working, catching up with friends and family and running along the water and it was a rare, calm moment in an otherwise very busy few weeks. It was blissful.

IMG_0613Mum and I took the boat from Djurgården, where we had been to see the Liljewalchs exhibition, back to Södermalm.



The week before that I was in Amsterdam, sitting on the sofa in the flat Cyd was a renting a room in for the month. She’s been there to do lots of research for her PhD (see her Twitter for updates) and I came to visit her during her first weekend, ensuring that she was getting on okay and grabbing myself a mini holiday. That feels like ages ago now and I can’t wait for her to come back home TOMORROW!

Manchester and Brighton


In February Cyd and I went to Manchester and Brighton for two conferences; LGBT History and Lesbian Lives. They were both super interesting and if you follow me on Twitter you will have seen that I reported both weekends extensively. What I haven’t told you is that I also got the opportunity to meet a certain Heather Peace in Brighton – more on this will follow shortly.


Running and writing

In between going to conferences, travelling and interviewing people I’ve been training for the Yorkshire Half Marathon and I’ve gone fulltime as a freelance writer, meaning I have been pitching articles 24/7. It’s been an unusually busy start to the year, which is why I haven’t been blogging much – and I very much apologise for this. From now on I promise to be much better. Promise!


Neighbour cat Walnut has been keeping me company whilst Cyd has been away. We both promise to blog more.

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