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VIDEO: My exclusive interview with Heather Peace – featuring an epic thumb war…

Earlier this spring I had the great pleasure of interviewing British singer songwriter and actor Heather Peace backstage at Komedia in Brighton ahead of the premiere of her tour documentary “The Thin Line”.

We had a lovely little chat about her acting and singing career, about female role models and what she’d want for her future daughter. Of course what I didn’t know then was that Heather’s wife Ellie was pregnant and that a few weeks later they would announce the pregnancy as well as the birth of their daughter Annie! No wonder Heather said she’d been spending a lot of time at home lately.

I asked how she felt about being a lesbian icon, someone a lot of people look up to.

“It’s really amazing that I can can have an impact or make people feel good about their sexuality because I’m out there, sort of doing my job and living the ‘normal life’, whatever you want to think about it.”

“I don’t take pressure so much now because, you know, I’m married and I’ve got my wife and I work and I work hard and, I don’t know. I’d like to be a role model for women in general really.”

I also asked if she picked the roles she’s had, where she has often played the only woman in uniform or the only out gay woman or the only woman in general and how she felt about that male environment.

“I honestly wish I could say it was a choice but the fact is you take the jobs when they come because it isn’t a case of having ten jobs and that I turn the other nine down, you know.”

“Consequently I’ve done some shit at times,” she said, laughing.

“You do get type cast but what an amazing type cast to have got, do you know what I mean. Like I’d take that any day of the week. And I’m good at it… I keep myself fit and I’m good at the action stuff because I want to try and be as good as the boys and show that we can be as good as the boys.”

Yes, Heather! Continuing the conversation I soon found out that despite often having been cast as the “strong woman” in a show, Ms Peace is hugely sensitive.

“When I’m acting I basically, I play characters how I would like to be. My wife would tell you; I’m massively sensitive, I’m massively emotional, probably everything that none of those characters are really,'” she said, adding that she’s never bottled things up the way her character Sam in TV series Lip Service did.

She also said that the music is where we get to know the real Heather Peace and that “I Pick Flowers”, my favourite song of hers, was “probably the most honest song on the album”.

“Because it was so honest I think it took about fifteen minutes to write because it was just something I was feeling at the time. I had the riff and stuff and when I started singing the lyrics I just was like that, that was what I wanted to say to Ellie.”

How sweet. Last but not least I challenged Heather to a thumb war – something I soon found myself regretting, especially when she suggested we should do leg wrestling instead. Yikes…

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Check out more of Heather Peace (including her upcoming tour dates!) here:

You can buy the documentary that we’re talking about, The Thin Line Tour, here:

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