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Introducing Nova


This year Cyd got me a very special birthday present ; a crazy cute kitten called Nova. And I couldn’t be happier! Seeing as we’ve now had her for almost two months I thought I’d tell you a bit more about her than you might have been able gather from my Instagram posts.

Since Cyd surprised me with her the day before my birthday, we have learnt that Nova…

  • Enjoys drinking out of cups of glasses made for humans 
  • Goes wild for small toys that she can bat around and carry in her mouth
  • Loves her little bed next to our big bed 
  • Isn’t so keen on a squeaky pig toy called Pig – she can’t really figure out what it is or why it makes that noise
  • Has a mad spell every evening when she runs around doing what we like to call the Thriller run
  • Likes to battle her own mirror image
  • Has made it her mission to try and reach a particular lampshade (we spend a lot of time trying to stop her)
  • Thinks an Angry Bird toy is her ultimate nemesis
  • Will not stop at anything to chase a fly
  • Is very good at walking across keyboards and pressing “send” on emails that were not yet ready to send
  • Insists on following us every step that we take (and we don’t mind- though the shower is off limits)
  • Is a very efficient, purring, alarm clock

Basically she’s pretty kitten-like. She’s a little nuts, absolutely adorable and we love her lots. And yes there will be a video coming to my YouTube channel in the near future…


 Nova doing what she does best: “helping” me with work.


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