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Trashing Transphobia


E.D.E.N Film has announced a free new film course and you can get involved.

I am very proud to reveal that we have secured the funding for a new project with E.D.E.N Film Productions starting in August. Called Trashing Transphobia it will see participants explore the issue of discrimination against transgender people by creating a film on the topic.

It should be a really fun project but it’s also a very important one. Because although people like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox have made a huge difference in terms of visibility, transgender hate crime is on the rise. There is still a huge lack of understanding around these issues and so I was really pleased to hear that E.D.E.N’s Claire Watkinson wanted to pursue this project.

If you want to take part you can. The course will run weekday evenings from August until November in Sheffield, it is free of charge and open to anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+. No previous film making experience is needed; the workshops will cover everything you need to know. More info here.

The finished documentary will be shown at an event on Transgender Remembrance Day in November.


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