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tramlines Collage

It’s been a cool kinda summer week – and I’m not just talking about the weather.

This time last week Cyd and I were prepping for Tramlines, Sheffield’s annual innercity music festival – and looking back I wish we were doing it all again.

It was a weekend filled with music, friends and interesting meetings as Cyd and I zoomed around Steel City with cameras, questions and all the weatherproofs. We managed to catch some rays on the Saturday but the rest of the time my rain mac was my very best friend.


We found balloons – and sunshine! Photo: Laura Kay


Seven Tors played at Cathedral.

Stand out moments include seeing our good friends Seven Tors fill the beautiful venue that is Cathedral, singing our hearts out to Slow Club on Devi Green, chilling in the Folk Forest, being blown away by Kate Tempest at Ponderosa Park and meeting my favourite new band Jagaara for a heart to heart. Seriously in love with them now.

*all the hearts for eyes*

We’ve got lots of video material from the weekend and I’m in the process of going through it all so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime I am looping Demi Lovato’s Cool For The Summer, freaking out over the fact that I’ve promised Cyd to do Endurer Dash (wtf did I just sign up to) and preparing to go to Stockholm for Eurogames next week.

Our trip includes a dinner reception at Stockholm City Hall (you know, that little place where they host the Nobel dinner? Yeah), lots of LGBT friendly sports events and, I imagine, a hundred and one fikas. I. Cannot. Wait.

Before that another spin of my favourite tune this week. I feel Hannah Hart sums it all up rather nicely.

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