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The Image Speaks: Gender, Sexuality, and Labels

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 15.41.37 (2)

Is there such a thing as a traditionally feminine or masculine look? What happens when people don’t fit into those binary boxes?

My clever girlfriend Cyd Sturgess is currently exhibiting as part of the The Image Speaks exhibition at The University of Sheffield and today she has revealed the video behind the project.

In the short film (below) she talks about how her research on cultural constructions of female homosexuality prompted her to realise that the labels we often use for gender and sexuality can be less than useful. We also get to hear from the models pictured in the exhibition – and what they have to say will, I am sure, be a real eye opener to many.

I’m so proud of her for making this project and video happen and I hope you enjoy it.

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