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Fresh Start February: Time To Train


After a winter of doing nothing but working, sleeping, eating and hardly leaving my house I have decided to give myself a break. Sadly it doesn’t involve putting my feet up.

With the risk of sounding douchey, I have joined the gym. I have tried it before (and not been very good at it) but having treated my body to zero exercise for too many weeks to count, I feel that this could actually be good for me.

Seriously though, my pedometer app on my phone is set to an hour of exercise a day. Last week it told me time and time again that I had narrowly missed my goal… by 57 minutes.

Working from home has its perks – accidental exercise is not one of them. Safe to say, my head and my body have spent way too much time inside – anyone who follows me and my many cat snaps knows this – and I need to get active. At least that’s what I am telling myself as, somewhat reluctantly, I don my gym kit.

To make matters better/worse (delete as appropriate – I’m not sure myself at this point) I’ve signed up for the Yorkshire Half Marathon in April. So as much as gymming will be a break from work and will help me set a routine, it’s also kind of a ‘must’.

There are less than ten weeks to go until this challenge – did I mention that the first 10k is uphill? – and I’m starting to feel the pressure. To kick off my YHM training, I completed my first proper run tonight. Overall I managed five kilometres on the treadmill.

I think it is safe to say that it is going to be a tough two months.

So here’s what I’m thinking; I am going to blog the whole gruelling experience. Maybe one or two of you reading this are also in training – or maybe you’re looking for inspiration for a #FreshStartFebruary. So how about we unite in the struggle and try to feel better about the whole thing?

Feel free to follow my progress. And I’m going to give you some fair warning: over the next few weeks you can expect ALL the training-related food, music and, no doubt, ranting on this blog. I’m looking forward to it (…ish) and I hope you get involved.

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