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So, it turns out consistency hasn’t been my virtue as of late. My blog sort of fell to the side as I took on new work (hiya Guardian!), got a Snapchat account and generally didn’t stick to my motto; to keep writing. But I’m working on it.
Since we last spoke I have run the the Yorkshire Half Marathon (which was GREAT), travelled to Berlin (a serious trip down memory lane), dyed my hair brown and gone vegan-ish.
Currently in Stockholm for Eurovision (more, lots more, to follow on that shortly) I have now set my eye on the Stockholm marathon (notice the lack of the word “half” there). Although I haven’t committed to this mammoth of a challenge just yet I’m thinking it might be a good 30th present to myself. Any vegan (yes, again, kind of) marathon runners out there? Let me know how you do it.
In the meantime: EUROVISION.
B x
Ps. For those interested in training and the latest tech in that department do look out for my review of the new Ponds Forge gym in Sheffield coming soon. It’s seriously cool.

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