Guys, I’m here, it’s happening.

I’m in Stockholm for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and I couldn’t be more excited. I honestly think that if I was I would explode.

Yesterday was my first day on set. I arrived at Globen, picked up my accreditation, got my bag scanned and, on rather shaky legs, walked into the big press centre. My friend’s words were ringing in my ears as I walked down the stairs: “this is what it’s all been leading up to” – and it’s true. I’ve been looking forward to working on the Eurovision Song Contest my whole life!

“Just try to play it cool” I told myself as I arrived into this massive hall (normally an ice hockey arena) filled with journalists; it was hard. I soon discovered I had a pigeon hole filled with information and gifts for me to collect (stay tuned for more on that) and then realised the United Kingdom was about to hold a press conference. Perfect.

Scrambling for cameras and equipment I managed to get front row seats and found out Joe did not feel comfortable singing in Welsh, Jake almost got set on fire by fireworks during their first rehearsal and they’re both really happy to be supporting the UK. Many of the British journalists asking questions were saying they were very proud of the act, glad to see the UK putting some effort into the entry, which this year of course was chosen by the public.

Afterwards all fought to get selfies with the handsome duo and I  eventually got one – the last one of the day. When it turned out blurry they both asked if I wanted to take it again, despite their manager telling them to leave now, and my heart melted a little. It was a good start to my Eurovision journey and a very telling one; so far everyone has been so kind!

Anyway – I’ve got to rush to the Red Carpet event now so gotta go – lots more content coming soon! For now I hope you are all following me on Snapchat (bellaqvist) where I am posting things as and when they happen.


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