Backstage With Bella



Living the dream in the press centre.

Semi final number one is over and the press centre is full of surprised chatter. It was a wonderful show filled with gorgeous shot of Måns, Petra’s naughty jokes, more gorgeous shots of Måns and of course lots of great songs. Twitter was blowing up and Eurovision was the second top trend in the UK, which is a good sign and it is great to see so much interest. An even better sign for the UK is that Joe and Jake is currently in 8th place in the betting odds!

For me it was great to be so close to the action – still, I kind of missed Mel’s Eurovish commentary. You can’t have it all, ey.

In case you missed it, the qualifying countries are:

The Netherlands
Czech Republic

Iceland and Greece not qualifying was a shocker (Iceland’s Greta is currently doing an interview next to me – she doesn’t look happy, poor thing) and many didn’t expect Austria or the Czech Republic to go through. Personally I was sad to see San Marino (who surely will go down in Eurovision legend history?) and Bosnia and Herzegovina leave the competition. The latter having included not so obvious references to the refugee crisis in Europe (Those Christmas wrappers they were wearing were meant to look like the blankets refugees arriving on the shores of Europe arrive in) and I think it was a bit too much for people.

Bosnia and Herzegovinia were not the only ones to touch upon the subject of the refugees. The Swedish interval act, The Grey People, was a dedication to the refugee crisis in Europe and whilst some thought it wasn’t fitting for an entertainment show I thought it was brilliant that the issues were addressed. It concerns us all and I thought it proved you can bring a serious issue to a large audience and in a delicate yet powerful way.

Anyway, the press conference is underway now and we are slowly finding out the running order of the newly qualified entries – nobody wants the first half. I’m off to do some more interviews and then I am going to finally experience the magic that is Euroclub, the official nightclub for accredited fans and press. I’m sure plenty of snaps will follow.

Last but not least, I’ll be on BBC Radio Sheffield tomorrow around 11.45 am so do tune in then if you like!

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