Backstage With Bella


Tonight it is time for the second semi final in the Eurovision Song Contest. I watched the rehearsal yesterday and can tell you that tonight will be all about the showbiz, baby. Not only that, it will also be about the nudity, the rude jokes and the big power ballads.

Expect many a laugh out loud moment as Petra and Måns guide you through another nineteen entries competing for ten places in the grand final on Saturday.

Each entry in a word?

Latvia: Earworm.

Poland: Hair.

Switzerland: Aww.

Israel. KellyClarkson.

Belarus: LOL!

Serbia: Amy?

Ireland: Our lad! (Two words, whatever.)

F.Y.R. Macedonia: Old-school.

Lithuania: Meh.

Australia: Tune!

Slovenia: Taylor Swift watch out! (Giving up on this one word thing now)

Bulgaria: Dance! Rita Ora and Justin Bieber come to mind. LISTEN TO MÅNS AFTER THIS PERFORMANCE AND FEEL YOUR HEART MELT.

Denmark: Soz lads but you’re going to break the following Sweden winning streak.

Ukraine: FELLZ.

Norway: <3

Georgia: all the rock.

Albania: cute.

Belgium: dancy dance dance dance.

Last but not least we get performances by the UK, Germany and Italy too!

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