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Eurovision 2017: the Twitter accounts you should follow


It’s that time again – the most wonderful time of the year in which I wonder if I have turned into an actual unicorn because I am seemingly the only one within a ten mile radius who is excited about the fact that it is EUROVISION.

Although I am not in the Ukraine for the contest this year I am following the action closely and I am particularly excited because it feels like the UK may actually stand a chance to do well. Currently placed number six according to the betting odds, Lucie Jones has a fantastic song with an impressive performance and I really think she has a good chance to do well.

There’s not a whole lot of agreement on that point in London, though.

The attitude in the UK towards Eurovision on the whole tends to be very negative and people think we don’t stand a chance because of political voting. This is complete rubbish in my view (the UK is one of the most successful countries in Eurovision and Russia has managed to invade other countries and still come 2nd!) and I think Britain just hasn’t sent a good enough song but hey, I’m not here to moan. Lucie is great, her performance is solid and so we shall just have see how it all goes in the grand final on Saturday but I have my fingers crossed for her.

Who will tweet you right?

One of the big joys of watching Eurovision is the commentary and if you’re like me you like to keep half an eye on Twitter during the show – for the ridiculous gifs if nothing else. Now I can’t promise that I’ll make you laugh but I will be live tweeting throughout the night and you can follow me on @bellaqvist, should you wish to.

Some of my favourite Eurovision accounts:

BBCEurovision – Serving sass and British humour
Melodifestivalen – Sweden’s Eurovision selection programme tweets during the big show
Olivia Le Poidevin – BBC’s superstar Eurovision correspondent
ESC United – Great for live streams and analysis, as well as very sweet presenters
GastroGays – The lovely Irish foodie duo loves Eurovision and they’re in Ukraine
Kit Lovelace – One of my favourites. Lots of stats and info and analysis. Follow!
WiWiBloggs – The biggest Eurovision bloggers out there
Simon Gleave – Stats, numbers and analysis
Cyd Sturgess – I am obviously biased because she is my fiancée but Cyd is seriously funny

Who is your favourite Eurovision social media account? Who do you think will win? Tweet me your thoughts and may the best performance win!

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