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Hej Sverige, nu kör vi!

Hi blog!

After a lovely and relaxing, albeit somewhat Norovirus-tainted, Christmas in Essex, followed by a hectic week of going through an entire house of stuff in Sheffield, I have landed in Stockholm.

It happened! I moved!

This is me with one bag. There were many more.

Whilst it was tough to leave friends and family behind in the UK – not to mention Cyd and Nova in Sheffield! – it’s been great to be reunited with my Swedish familj, and I am staying with them until I get the keys to our flat on 1 February, and then Cyd and Nova will join me shortly after that.

As of last week, Nova has a passport – and whilst the inclusion of a picture is *optional*, I do believe Cyd is on the case – and we are looking at different flight options at the moment. I CAN-NOT-WAIT. Having lived apart for well over a year I am buzzing to begin our own Swedish life together.

Here we are, at the airport, trying not to think about the fact that we won’t see each other for over a month. Instead I am focusing on the fact that I start work at Sveriges Radio on Monday – and I am SO! EX! CI! TED!! I can’t wait to get stuck in. What’s more, I have been told I *may* be working P3 Guld (the Swedish equivalent of the Radio 1 Awards) in a couple of weeks which, frankly, is just goals.

The first step has been taken, now the rest is just to follow… Sverige, nu kör vi!

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