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#VeganForLent Day 3

I made a mega sub! With salsa! And salad! And, surprise surprise, hoummous! It was tasty. I also had a soy chocolate dessert. It was nice. Fruit yoyos also nice. Good night.

Vegan Valentine

#Veganforlent Day 2 Today my blog about vegan lent went up on DIVA’s website. Check it out here: “Could you go vegan for 40 days? Bella Qvist vows to give up animal […]

#VeganForLent Day 1

Vegan for lent – that’s me for the next 4o days. No eggs, no milk, no cheese, no chocolate. You bet I’m excited. I’ll be blogging about my experiences both here and […]


Woah now. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This Swede Abroad has been seriously busy. But look at what arrived today! My lovely friend Rhian (@hallondrop) sent almond paste, Swedish yeast and […]

Swedish snaps

Today is Midsommardagen, Midsummer’s Day in Sweden. It is the highlight of Swedish holidays, celebrating the fact that the sun is at its highest point, meaning the sun hardly goes down and […]

Lent is over!

…and this is how we celebrate. Cyd and I did the whole lent thing and gave up chocolate / sweets and alcohol for 40 days, including Sundays, meaning we get to finish […]