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DIVA 200!

Finally, a sneaky preview of the 200th issue of DIVA Magazine out Thursday next week! I am so proud to say I helped make this happen. Stay tuned for backstage footage… until […]

Berlin Represent

I spotted DIVA in prime position in Berlin book shop Eisenherz at the weekend. Proud to say the least! Today you can see some work of mine both at Peel Apart and in Getbusy‘s […]

New glasses

So I broke my glasses last week. Turns out you shouldn’t pull a sweater over your head whilst wearing them… You may laugh but it’s a sad thing because I really loved […]


After another early start I this morning arrived in a beautiful Stockholm filled with stylish people, autumn leaves and cinnamon rolls. (Hello National Cinnamon Roll day! Enjoy “Sandwich Week”, UK) One hilariously […]

Back to da roots

I can’t afford to get my hair dyed so today I’m trying a bit of a different hair style to try and disguise my roots. (That’s right, being Swedish doesn’t necessarily make […]

Swedish snaps

Today is Midsommardagen, Midsummer’s Day in Sweden. It is the highlight of Swedish holidays, celebrating the fact that the sun is at its highest point, meaning the sun hardly goes down and […]