Fars Dag

Today is Father’s Day in Sweden. This is my dad. Grattis pappa! Here at 427 we are ordering Indian take away in celebration of Cyd’s birthday and we all have our laptops […]

It is time

…for the X Factor. Once they’ve sorted out their “technical” issues that is (or are they still trying to decide who should replace Cockozza?). Until that is, do take a look at […]

Alligator Blood

Another masterpiece from my favourite Rotherham boys, Bring Me The Horizon. Halloween-themed this time. (And I hope I can say no animals were hurt during the production of this video.) Enjoy!  

Bella 2.0

Wow, it’s been a while hasn’t it? So sorry. Those of you who follow me on Twitter you will have been fairly up to date with what is going on but for […]