Bella 2.0

Wow, it’s been a while hasn’t it? So sorry. Those of you who follow me on Twitter you will have been fairly up to date with what is going on but for […]


Just got off the phone. I got the job at the café that I always really wanted to work at in Sheffield! Apparently I was their best candidate, yeek yeek woop woop! […]


Finally I’d like to say a big GOOD LUCK to my sister who was chosen to give a speech in front of lots of important people tomorrow. I want her to remember […]

Job prospects

Endorphins are running high at BQ HQ as I’m trying to calm down after receiving my second job interview invitation this week! In fact, you can consider yourself lucky I’m not STILL […]

East Coast Weekend

Currently dealing with a No-Internet-At-Home kind of situation and I’ve never been so glad to be back at the office again. The weekend rushed past with a visit to sunny Suffolk on […]